Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Little Ryan Needs Powerful Prayers...

Right now I am home in my little house, with 2 wonderful daughters sleeping in their bunk beds, typing next to Jack.  Life is special, wonderful and I am beyond grateful for every minute, even the tough ones.  Sadly as we are in a state of comfort, our friend Ryan McGowan, Makenzie's little buddy who was her "light" at UCSF, is back at UCSF and needs many prayers. He has hyperinsulinism and has been bleeding internally but they don't know where from.  Sweet little Ryan is really sick. 

My heart is so heavy for his Mom, Carolyn, who got to be a wonderful and special friend. I wrote about both of them before (tank is filled & Carolyn ), and our life is forever richer for our time spent with them. Right now, we all need to strong for them.  Please say a prayer for Ryan, Carolyn, his Dad Corey and 3 siblings.  Ryan has incredible strength and courage but needs more. I truly feel prayers work miracles....please pray...

Makenzie  (age 6.5) and Ryan (age 22 months) - 12.12.10

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