Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Why to push it on Saturdays? Blog from single-parenting Saturday, April 23rd

At the Railroad Revival Tour- 4.21.11
Today at spinning I nailed it. Truly, wanted to have my own ars handed to me and it was.  I pushed it, I made a choice to go outside my comfort zone, and I sweated like a pig.  I didn't care and it felt incredible.  What is interesting is how on my Saturday morning spin class, I have made a point to give it my all each week.  It is one of my last workouts of the weeks, and can set the tone for how I feel for the day.  Today, the class gave me a sense of challenge, determination and eagerness to make the most of my own day that started off crappy. Why, you ask? Because while each moment being "home out of the hospital" is great, being a single parent with Jack away and having two very spirited and determined girls can pull every ounce of my patience. And the reason is I try not to lose it best I can since there are reasons to lose it; E's huge tantrums or M's determination to not take cold medicine are not them.  But they do push my patience and limits.

Thus, it made me think. What is it that pushes your limits with your kids?  When do you realize you need a 20 minute quick run, to lock yourself in the basement, or to grab a glass of wine and sit on the back deck? What puts you over the edge?

On this element of challenge and determination, it is hard to be a fitness professional as others see it always easy to train and that workouts are easy for you. While working out and training is definitely my passion, and I have a high tolerance since I love it, there are still days when it is hard to be on no sleep and I have to make myself push through the first 10-20 minutes before I can stop. I don't allow myself to quit or complain as I know when I can really complain-when pushing my heart rate to the max and feeling like I will flop over with depletion. Truly though, every Mom has to juggle and every Mom has days and limits.  I think if we can all understand and pat each others' backs for efforts well done, instead of being quick to whine (or wine!), the long days would be a bit easier. Especially when you have your running shoes, iPod, and a sunset to run towards...