Wednesday, June 1, 2011

National Running Day!

Run run run run!!!  It is a great day, National Running Day, did you get your miles in?  I love that a day is dedicated to encourage everyone to lace up and run.  Even if you never have run down your block, go for it today!  It is your day to move and have fun doing so.  Learn that your body is made to be active, not sitting at a desk.
Have fun and count how many runners you see today.  Emerson and I did just that and counted 15 runners.  We had a great 5.5 mile run and literally within 5 minutes of putting away the jogger, it started to pour rain like Noah needed water for his Arc!  Have fun, get your miles in, and remember, you don't melt in the rain when you run! 

Cheers and Happy Running!!!

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